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The Power of Innovation

ePack's solutions are built on years of intellectual property developed at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is one of the few places in the world that has demonstrated reliable wafer-level vacuum packaging.

Vacuum Encapsulation

Wafer level packaging provides moisture and particulate protection while also being cost effective and scalable . In addition, ePack's technology provides a vacuum environment, which is important for gyroscopes and other MEMS devices.

Wafer Level Packaging

Chip-level packaging involves older semiconductor fabrication technology and suffers from high manufacturing costs and decreased reliability. Batch level packaging is cheaper and higher performing.

Packaging Matters

Packaging is the doorway to commercialization for a host of exciting, fast growing micro-scale devices, and ePack is the company that is going to help open that door.


State of the Art

ePack works out of the state of the art Lurie Nanofabrication Facility at the University of Michigan. The LNF is a $100M facility that houses some of the most advanced technology in the industry.  The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility is a 6000 sq foot Class 1000/100/10 laboratory. So you can be sure that your MEMS devices are being packaged in a world class facility.


Breadth of Services

Because of the LNF, ePack is able to provide customers all services ranging from wafer fabrication to packaging, so you can be sure that your MEMS packaging needs will be solved.


Transitioning to Volume Production

ePack can help you transition to high volume production through one of our industrial partners or through our customers' facilities.




ePack's solutions are developed specifically for your application. Let ePack help you bring your products to market faster with superior packaging technology.

WLMS Hybrid

ePack can provide an electrical connection to your
MEMS device in three ways:

- Vertical feed-through interconnects
- Lateral feed-through interconnects
- Wireless telemetry, sensing and power

ePack is the world expert in wafer level vacuum/
hermetic packaging of MEMS devices:

- Au-Si eutectic & solder bonding
- Anodic & glass frit bonding
- Polymers & biomedical
- Multi-stack process integration

ePack's isolation MEMS technology is designed to
protect MEMS devices from temperature fluctuations, vibration and mechanical shock. This technology has been developed specifically for high-performance MEMS applications.


- Integration into almost any process
- Cap and device wafer feed-throughs
- Wide range of materials; Poly-Si, metals, solder
and bulk SI
- Wireless interconnection

- Small size: 1000s of devices/wafer
- Low unit prices
- Vacuum pressure ranges of 1mTorr to 760 Torr
- Proven reliability
- Lead free
- Temperature stability of ±0.5C at <50mW for
ambient temperatures from -40C to 80C
- Filters out vibration > 1kHz
- High performance shock protection
- All MEMS applications
- Gyroscopes and accelerometers
- Resonators and switches
- Bolometers and thermopiles
- Pressure sensors and microphones
- Navigation grade gyroscopes
- Oven controlled oscillators

About ePack

The ePack Team

JM Dr. Jay Mitchell - CEO/Co-Founder
Jay is the CEO and is in charge of corporate and customer relations while supporting Dr. Lee in product development. Jay's doctorate research involved wafer-scale vacuum packaging, which is the heart of ePack’s wafer level packaging technology. He has previous experience working with a MEMS start-up and has a total of seven years experience in MEMS. Jay received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.
SL Dr. Sang Woo Lee - CTO/Co-Founder
Sang Woo is the CTO and directly manages the packaging processes for each of ePack’s customers. Before working at ePack, Sang Woo managed a group of six graduate students in the development of the Isolation MEMS technology at the University of Michigan. He has previous experience at Samsung in the development of MEMS gyroscopes and has a total of 13 years of experience in MEMS.
KN Professor Khalil Najafi - Technical Advisor/Co-Founder
Professor Najafi is an advisor to the company and will coordinate fundraising and developing contacts with potential customers. Professor Najafi is a world-renowned packaging and gyroscope expert with 25 years of MEMS experience and is also a co-founder of ISSYS Inc. whose facilities help supplement ePack’s packaging capabilities.
JG Joe Giachino - Industry Advisor/Co-Founder
Joe is also an advisor to ePack and brings our team high-volume production experience and important commercialization knowledge. Joe has 30 years of industrial experience and currently serves as Industrial Liaison for the Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS) Engineering Research Center (ERC) at the University of Michigan. In a previous position at Ford, he managed the development and production of MEMS pressure sensors, accelerometers and fuel-injection nozzles, with production runs in the millions.


For access to ePack brochures and documentation, please click on the links below to download in PDF format.

Document - ePack's Packaging Solutions


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